Due to convenient functions such as drag-and-drop emails, integrated email previews and logical structuring, you can intuitively get started right away. With various options for sorting and labeling e-mails f.ex. colors, done markers and e-mail notes - you have your daily e-mail traffic perfectly under control. The Webmail GUI includes also a modern e-mail editor with WYSIWYG function. Attachments can easily be added by dragging the explorer / finder into the browser window.

In addition to our extensive web interface, an optimized version for smartphones and mobile devices is also included. The mobile interface is compatible with all popular smartphones (such as iOS and Android) and provides easy access to folders, emails, appointments, tasks, cloud drive files, and more. Easily send e-mails, upload photos to your cloud drive and manage your to-do list. By using modern web technologies, the mobile interface feels like a native app thanks to its intuitive interface and transitions. So you always have all your important data at hand while you're on the go.